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Smoked meat according to ancient Latvian traditions

The “Rubeņi” brand has been known for more than 30 years in Latvia. “Rubeņi” was established in September 1989 as the farm household “Rubeņi” and changed its status to that of a limited liability company in September 1995.

The company hosts jobs for more than 70 employees, and its produce is being sold in more than 500 of the most popular stores in Latvia. The company adheres to the rules and regulations of the European Union and offers high-quality meat products to the general consumer.

More than 40 types of meat products are made by the company. The company offers chicken meat, pork, turkey, meat rolls, sausages and Latvian kebab (šašliks) for roasting on spits. The products are made only from the best meat, ensuring that the produce that ends up at the store isn’t stripped of its defining qualities. Rubeņi’s products excel in that the meat is smoked according to age-old Latvian traditions, using only alder firewood and pure alder chips. The company’s produce is well-respected and liked by many Latvians.

The key to the company’s success is the quality of the meat, the original recipes and the assortment of the meat products. Every connoisseur of meat products can find what s/he desires most. The company is actively following the recent developments in the market, ever coming up with new products and upping the attributes of the current ones.

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